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Embracing the ever-changing face of the music industry, Intarsia Records strives for a forward-thinking, raw and collaborative approach to creating music. Led by a team of creatives with experience in a variety of fields across the music industry, we appreciate that an artist understands themselves better than anyone else ever could. 


Putting artists at the centre of what we do is vital in ensuring their success. Intarsia Records simply wants to facilitate the best possible artistic version of yourself. Our artists are encouraged to work collaboratively; both with us and within the creation of their music, broadening the horizons of what their sound can be. This hands-on process gives us the ability to use our skills and experience to support clients every step of the way. We want to tackle the status quo of the music industry by ensuring everything we do is accessible to a balanced mix of voices and opinions.  Intarsia Records is appreciative of all music but paying a particular focus to genres that are often underrepresented within the music industry, we want to help get the unheard into the spotlight. 


MERUNISA Cover screenshot_edited.jpg

Tarnjeet Johal


Tarnjeet is a recent graduate at Birmingham City University, studying BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering and Production, primarily working in live music. However, during her time at university and since graduating, Tarnjeet has worked with many artists in the studio and on stage which she has always loved doing as well as assisting where she can with admin and marketing. Due to this, Tarnjeet wanted to take part in Kaleidoscope’s programme, as she is able to work with amazing, like-minded people to begin our label, Intarsia Records! 


Tarnjeet has experience working creatively with artists, which includes recording, mixing and mastering as well as mixing for them on stage, ensuring she achieves the best possible sound she can. Tarnjeet has recently assisted artists with administration and marketing work for singles and live performances as well as for live streams. Due to her love for R&B and Hip-Hop genres, which she has been listening to her entire life. Tarnjeet believes she can bring a variety of influences when scouting artists and working on music! 


With Intarsia Records, Tarnjeet hopes to work with a variety of artists within R&B and Hip-Hop and work with them to achieve their goals and aspirations. As much as Intarsia is a label, she hopes to become a collaborative platform that gives artists the freedom to explore their creativity and discover more about themselves within every stage of their career. 

Nat O'Lynn


Nat is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Applied Psychology of Music at the University of Leeds. This has afforded him the opportunity to learn about the links between music cognition, reward circuits, and empathy processes, giving insight into how people interact with music in day-to-day life. Additionally, he has learned about techniques and models to maintain the health and well-being of music professionals.


Since he was young, Nat has always had a strong interest and passion for music and how it can be used as a medium to explore complex emotions and experiences. This interest in the human psyche led him to his studies in BSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology wherein he undertook a placement in a neuromusicology lab at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Nat is thrilled to be involved in Intarsia Records and to support the development of creative and exciting artists.

Eve Simpson


Originally from the North East, Eve is a singer/songwriter based in Edinburgh, writing for recorded music, theatre and film. Currently studying Politics at The University of Edinburgh, she is passionate about community-based art and learning how to best tell stories through representative art forms. Through collaborative co-writing, producing and workshop facilitation, she has worked with a variety of artists across a wide range of settings: live, studio, open-space and video communications. 


Growing up on the Newcastle music scene, Eve has experience with self-releasing, management, touring and publishing, bringing a first-hand understanding of the importance of centring the artist and their needs to the team. Eve loves every kind of music possible, from folk to jazz, classical to R&B, using her fundamental love of music to scout artists. Eve hopes to work with like-minded, ambitious artists, prioritising their creative development and needs. She is thrilled to be part of Intarsia Records and a multi-talented team to provide the best possible experience for artists. 

Natalie Greener


Natalie’s skills are in marketing, PR and social media management. Despite a broad portfolio in a variety of industries, She specialises and thrives when working on creative projects. In particular, music and fashion marketing. She stands for mental health awareness and women in the music industry via activism/journalism. Natalie believes it’s so important to make our industry safer and empower those around us - She maintains this ethos in all of her work. Natalie’s aim for Intarsia Records is to create an inclusive and safe space for independent artists. With open communication and clear objectives, the primary focus will be the artist(s). Success is the primary goal however, a freeing creative process is vital in the authenticity of Intarsia.

Jordan Davidson


Jordan is a journalism grad, practising music journalist and editor based in the North East. His background and experience have given him the tools to approach a wide range of tasks from blogging to marketing, as well as critical insight.

Intarsia Records is a fantastic opportunity for him to adapt what he’s learned and to further develop alongside professionals from a variety of industries.

Jordan feels very lucky to be a part of the conversation and intend to use the platform that we have to help lift others up and give them, and their music, a chance to grow free from limitations.

Ryan Peebles


Ryan is a filmmaker and content creator whose practice is deeply ingrained in the music industry. As a filmmaker he has produced a number of award-winning short films, in 2016, he formed his own music-focused video production company creating music videos, lyric videos and live sessions. Ryan's understanding of how to meld an artist's creative vision with marketing content that gets people talking has led to a number of high traction videos which have helped artists to take a step up in their careers.  


Beyond being a video creator, Ryan is also a professional musician himself, which supports his understanding of being an artist. He believes that with the support of Intarsia Records an artist can present themselves to as wide an audience as possible whilst maintaining their own artistic values and aesthetic. 

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