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Merunisa announces a powerful, atmospheric and evocative new single “No Longer” with ZUKA, set for release on October 8th. 


Released by Intarsia Records


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Merunisa is set to release her eagerly anticipated single “No Longer” via Intarsia Records on the 8th October, following up on her recent successes with latest single Jet (ft. Diamanda). Influenced by R&B artists, The Weeknd and Drake, and comparable to the vocal stylings of Jhene Aiko and Kehlani, the new record sees Merunisa taking on an ominous vibe, pushing her artistry to new depths. 


Based in North West London, singer-songwriter Merunisa has already made significant leaps in her career. Releasing her debut single ‘Broken & Bruised’, in September 2019, Merunisa has established herself as an earnest and compelling songwriter, telling the tale of the brutal aftermath of a relationship, accumulating over 26,000 views on her debut music video. Shortly after, she released ‘Control’, a track that is amplified by Merunisa’s exquisite, cosmic vocals. This single was an experience that can only be described as a return of Y2K R&B goodness with a dash of Summer Walker-esque vocal prowess. 


Entering 2021, Merunisa returned with the ethereal ‘Belong to the World’, and her latest collaborative single ‘JET’, with producer and singer Diamanda, a punchy, female empowered powerhouse of alternative R&B. Gaining widespread radio play from community and national stations alike, ‘JET’ was supported by Reprezent Radio, the voice of young London, Tribe Urban Radio, promoting the very best of black and minority ethnic music, and The Noise Terrace, an independent station committed to providing an online platform for the recovering live sector post-covid.

Accumulating over 45,000 streams across her four self-released singles, her new release, ‘No Longer’, through Intarsia is anticipated to flourish as Merunisa explores new sonic avenues after collaborating with ZUKA on production. Inspired by the film, ‘Joker’, Merunisa takes on a cinematic approach. She said: 

“I think the best part of this track is how it's constantly moving forward melodically. It's constantly changing and becoming bigger and engaging just like how Joker did in the film. The tension, suspense and harmonies is what really pulled the track together. I haven't heard something like this come from someone in the UK yet.”

“A real phenomenon of sincerity and feelings. Listening to this track can easily relive an exciting, happy and meaningful story. Do you want to drown in the harmony of words, R&B rhythms, soulful Neo-Soul melody and expressive presentation of the material? Then you are at the right place.”  Merunisa, ZUKA – No Longer,

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‘No Longer’ will be available across all major digital platforms via Intarsia Records on 8th October, with her full EP to be released later on this year.


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ZUKA is an independent Hip Hop and Trap producer rising from Birmingham, UK. With early Electronic, Rap, and Hip Hop influences, ZUKA turned to Trap and Grime music to begin his creative journey.


With early influences from local Grime MCs, ZUKA turned to Trap and Grime to begin his creative journey. He first started his musical endeavours at the age of 15 as he discovered his passion for the art in school. ZUKA now looks to expand his style by frequently collaborating with artists that represent UK culture and beyond.

Situating himself as a record engineer in his early years of production helping upcoming and fresh artists in Birmingham, ZUKA is now taking on the creative process and building himself and his brand as an upcoming artist/producer in his region. By tapping into his cultural roots and his appreciation for the sounds provided by the east, he wants to strengthen the fusion between cultures in the UK scene by exploring more storytelling concepts with artists he has lined up for his projects.

Following his collaborative project Growing Pains with 2SMOKY, ZUKA unleashes his next chapter.

His latest single G'Z DO with Kyeza is now available to stream.

You can find ZUKA on all social media platforms.